Press About Granthika

California magazine, “Debugging the Novel,” Fall 2017.

The goal is to build Granthika in such a way that it will be easy for any writer to understand—the code should be elegant to a programmer, and the interface simple for the novelist. If it’s successful, the software could change the way the novel is composed. In Chandra and Iordanov’s wildest dreams, Granthika could even change the future of literature.

500 Words Podcast - On a Call With Vikram Chandra, Novelist

This week's call is with Vikram Chandra, novelist, software developer, and deep thinker about the creative process. I first discovered his work when I read his bestseller Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty, a book about the creative drives and lives shared by writers and coders. One of the book's most mind- blowing sections (I am re-reading it this week) is about the precision of Sanskrit as a language.

Pomona College magazine, “What’s Next for Writers?” August 30, 2018

Recently, as Sacred Games was being transformed into a TV series on Netflix, Chandra wished Granthika had been available when he was writing it. To trace all of the story’s complex, interwoven timelines, the series’ creators had to buy dozens of copies of the book, transfer the info to index cards and arrange them on a wall. With Granthika, he says, “what we’re able to do is have a menu choice that says, ‘Export Ontology,’ and when you hit that, it just takes all the knowledge of the work that you created and puts it in a package so that somebody else could then import it.”

The Hindu newspaper, “A digital tool for writers, seeks to create the perfect, error-free, text,” February 3, 2018.

Granthika is, on the face of it, as cutting edge as it gets. The creation of a writer who understands both writing and coding, it might just become to the early 21st century writer what the typewriter was to the late 19th century writer and the word processor to the late 20th.

DailyCal magazine, “UC Berkeley professor invents word processor to catch plot holes in writing,” October 4, 2017.

Granthika … differs from programs such as Google Docs and Grammarly, in that it acts as an editor, a database and a timeline maker, testing a story’s factual soundness throughout, according to the Granthika website. As authors write out their stories, they create attributes such as names and times for their events and locations, which the software can track and fact check.

LiveMint, “How AI may help you write your new book,” January 19, 2017.

For a writer, Granthika will connect the text with the knowledge you create in it—attributes of characters, important dates within the plot and locations too, in order to help you seamlessly maintain consistency. “As you write, you make up the logic of the universe you’re creating, and the software will in a most non-intrusive way run AI-routines to flag any inconsistencies in your copy," [Chandra] says.