Create knowledge as you write.

  • Define your characters, locations, objects, and events. Add descriptions, attributes, and notes. Set up relations among events and add constraints.

Connect your text directly with your created knowledge.

  • The references within your text to characters, events, etc., are directly connected to your data and your facts are always one keystroke away. Here, blue text indicates a linked event, purple a linked location, and light brown a character.

See your story's events on an interactive timeline.

  • The events you depict in your story can be visualized on a timeline or in calendar format, allowing you to easily see the shape of your narrative. Granthika's unique chronological technology allows you to set relations between events and set non-violable constraints for crucial events. You can click-and-drag events on the timeline, but the system will enforce the chronological logic you create.

Restructure your manuscript with a table of contents designed for writing.

  • Granthika's table of contents allows you to easily move a scene from one chapter to another, to swiftly reconfigure your manuscript as you discover the best way to tell your story. You can attach notes to chapters and scenes, establish connections between scenes and events, see which characters are depicted in a scene's action.

Extract information about your manuscript through complex queries.

  • Granthika empowers you to do much more than merely search for text. With Granthika, you can query across the structure of your story (its chapters, sections, and scenes), the text it contains, and the entities represented by your text. Granthika's query language allows you to know more and to discover more about your manuscript, all without manual labor.

Get immediate access to the relevant data through the Connections Panel.

  • When you're working on a chapter or a scene, Granthika's Connections Panel shows you data relevant to the context you're working within. Information about characters, locations, objects, and events is only one click away.

Use the Knowledge Explorer to navigate through your universe and the text.

  • Granthika's unique Knowledge Explorer allows you to trace the connections between the elements that make up your universe and your manuscript's text. See all the events that Dr. Watson participates in; then one click takes you an event you're interested in, and the Knowledge Explorer shows you all the times that event is mentioned in the text. Find anything through one consolidated search, and see how one element connects to the rest.